Baseball inspired millions of people in the United States. It evolved from the old bat and ball games which used to be played in England during the 18th century. The immigrants who came to settle in North America were the ones responsible to bring this game to the Americans. Eventually they came up with the modern version of the game and by the end of 19th century baseball was being recognised as the National Sport of US. The first recorded American reference of baseball in US traces its way back to the year 1791, which was an ordinance passed in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The uproar created by the cheering crowd was the reason on the game being banned from being played anywhere near 80 yards from the town meeting house.

Later in the 19th century the growing racism got the good of the sport. Things got worse and eventually ended by the first black baseball club called the Cuban Giants. Later in the year 1920 the Negro National League was established. The game war is on since then and there have been several popular teams. The Yankees dominated them all though.

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