Europe: the name is quite enough to describe the beauty of nature lying within the continent. Europe holds the westernmost part of the Eurasia. To the north there lies icy Arctic Ocean, at west there is beautiful Atlantic Ocean. South of the Europe is bordered by Mediterranean Sea. Water shades of Ural and Caucasus Mountains are considered the border of Asia and Europe. Billions and millions of tourists visit various cities lying within various European countries. There are a lot of attractions located here. In fact, two of the seven wonders of the words are here in Europe. First one is the tower of Paris and second one is the tilted tower of Greece.

Whenever the name Europe is stated, all that comes to mind is beautiful Sweden, London, Poland and many more like that. No can resist the fact that whenever they hear about Europe it is not the politics or infrastructures that step in their mind. All that knock our thoughts hearing about Europe is the irresistible beauty of nature. There is a lot to enjoy and a lot to discover. This book is a complete collection of some most famous places of Europe that are visited by millions and billions of tourists every year.

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