Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) basically covers any business approach that aims at sustainable development through its delivery of economic, social and environmental benefit for the stakeholders involved in the complete process. The CSR concept along with all the practices are wide and varied. Similarly, Corporate Social Action (CSA) involves all the acts performed and executed by the corporate houses as part of their greater goal to contribute to the betterment of the society as a whole. Corporate Social Performance or popularly known as CSP is nothing but the result with regard to that of CSA, which can be observed.

Here we endeavor to go beyond the causal relationship between CSR and firm performance, by presenting different factors that influence the corporate decision to engage in CSA, and the nature and scope of this engagement. For example, studies taken here reveal the importance of corporate governance such as top management pay dispersion and ownership structure to the propensity of the firm involved in none other than CSA.

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