Located in the heart of Western Europe since eternity, lies Germany bordered with Baltic, Rhine and the Alps from the north, west and south directions respectively. The east of Germany however, has no natural border which has caused much confusion in the history of Europe. It is a Sovereign state and has a federal parliamentary republic in the central-western Europe. The largest city and the capital of Germany is Berlin. Germany is also the second most famous human immigration destination after United States along with being the most populated member state of the European Union.

The Northern parts of Germany have been occupied by the Germanic Tribes since the ancient times. A certain region called Germania was recognised to be from before 100 AD. At the times of migration the Germanic Tribes expanded towards the Southern parts of Germany. In the advent of the 10th century the central territories of Germany had formed the Holy Roman Empire. 6 centuries later the Northern parts of Germany became the hub of Protestant Reformation.

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