Many people fall in love with the antique art pieces. In fact, in every artifact, you can find a beautiful meaning that is portrayed in the form of a painting. Basically, modern art was produced during the year 1870 to 1970. There are many artists who love to do modern art. In fact, there are many institutes who offer modern art courses for the interested candidates. The modern artists have refrained using the bygone traditions in painting and did a lot of experiments in producing stupendous paintings that are commendable. They tried different forms of paintings using unique techniques, different materials, and developed new theories on how actually art should portray the world and what all things that an artist have to perceive in order to reflect exactly his thoughts on the painting board. Moreover, during 180 to 1970, there are umpteen art forms were being developed. As per the history, the modern art was observed by a Frenchman called Edouard Manet during the 18th century. But, it was believed that the modern art was started before Frenchman by Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, as the arts drew by these people lack traditional academic art form in between 18 and 19th century. After Pre-Raphaelites, there are different amendments and movements took place in the art world. And, those path breaking movements include Art Nouveau, Cubism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, and Pop-Art, Orphism, Social Realism, Op-Art, Feminist art, etc.

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