In the years since this encounter with my mother, I have developed some terminology to capture and communicate what I experienced. I’ve come to call what I experienced the process of being known. This is a much deeper and richer experience than simply knowing the bare facts of my story. It reflects what neuroscience and related disciplines are teaching us about what it means to live an integrated life-both as an individual and as part of a community. My experiments and their subsequent results allowed me experience all the joy and excitement as I get to observe Neuroscience reaching new heights through its latest ground breaking discoveries.

I began to explain them to my patients and to train my patients to pay closer attention to various interactions within their minds. I witnessed their lives being transformed as they reflected on and implemented these same discoveries. Never before had I been so in step with those with whom I sat as an agent of healing. As each of my patients’ grace-filled stories unfolded before me, I became more connected to parts of my own story.

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