Real estate investing can be luring for many people who are looking for a profitable business especially since it seems it tends to remain well established and more ‘secure’ than other businesses. But when people are venturing for the first time into this field, or are considering it as an option to increase their income, things can get confusing and even overwhelming in lack of proper information and guidance. Real estate can indeed be a very rewarding business to be in, but it certainly is a very challenging one that requires implication on many levels.

Contrary to what some might think, to what other information you might have stumbled upon, or what other guides you might have read, getting started with real estate investing is not a one-dimensional recipe that just applies to everybody. It all starts with the information you gather and how it can help you figure out your own way of approaching this business. This book does not aim at capturing all the facets of real estate investing and going into depth with every single element of it, which would require a lot more writing that we have set to do and probably a lot more text than you are willing to go through. However, what this book does is to offer you the no nonsense essential walk through of the best ways to organize your strategy and kick start your own real estate investment business avoiding the most common beginner mistakes. 

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