When people refer to the 401 (k), usually the following advantages are listed:

The employer offers you free money;

The incidence of tax on income is lower;

Savings and revenue are retained without the need to make deposits;

You can retire without having to worry about money.

Is it too good to be true? For that is what a person gains when investing in 401 (k) company where he works. The 401 (k) is one of the best known in the US pension funds.

For more than retirement plans do not go through your mind, think of the difference ten years can make in the investment world. You will find this difference in this article. If your employer offers a 401 (k), it is good to accept it as soon as possible. A person who begins to participate in the plan early, around the age of 25, retires with a million or two (or more) into account.

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